The USA program is open to families in British Columbia and CHOICES may be able to assist families from other provinces. Please contact the CHOICES office for more information. The USA program is offered in partnership with a number of facilitators, as noted below. The USA has signed and ratified the Hague Convention.

While there are no restrictions on adoptive parents who wish to adopt from the US, expectant parents in the US choose the adoptive family and usually have their own ideas of the family they would like to parent their child. Adoptive parents are advised to contact each agency that we work with to determine if they meet the US agency’s requirements.

The children available for adoption from the US reflect the ethnic mix of North American Society. Most of the babies are newborn infants at the time of adoption. The children usually come home with adoptive parents directly from the hospital.

It is difficult to provide a specific time frame for the adoption process as the political situation and legislation of any country is subject to change.

Once an application is received and the home study is approved, CHOICES will assist in completing your paperwork and preparing the dossier for the US. In collaboration with our facilitator, we will guide and assist you through all phases of the adoption process while ensuring all requirements are met both in Canada and in the US. More information on the adoption process can be found here.

For more information, please contact our facilitators:

Some adoptions from the US are finalized in British Columbia after placement, while others are completed in the US before or after placement. This is based on the facilitator and the State where the child is born. CHOICES and the chosen facilitator will guide adoptive parents through the finalization process.