The South Africa program is open to British Columbia families only.

The South Africa program is offered in partnership with our facilitator, Family by Adoption Inc. (formerly known as Mission of Tears - Ontario).

Couples who have been married for a minimum of 2 years, and who are between 25 and 55 years of age are eligible to adopt from South Africa. Family by Adoption Inc. is not accepting applications from single applicants at this time.

Families who are interested in South Africa must apply first to Family by Adoption to ensure their eligibility as other criterion may also apply (criminal record history, health, financial, etc.).

The children available for adoption in South Africa range in age from 12 months of age to 7 years of age.

Both boys and girls are in need of families. There are few sibling groups available.

Although time frames in any international country program may be subject to change, Family by Adoption Inc. estimates that applicants would receive a child proposal approximately 18 - 24 months from the time their file is received inside of South Africa.


Once an application is received and the home study is approved, CHOICES will assist in completing your paperwork and preparing the dossier for South Africa. In collaboration with Family by Adoption Inc., we will guide and assist you through all phases of the adoption process.

As the agency licensed by South Africa, it is the responsibility of Family by Adoption Inc. to ensure that all requirements of South Africa are met. More information on the adoption process can be found here.

Fore more information, please contact our facilitator, Family by Adoption Inc.