CHOICES is licensed by the Adoption Authority of the Government of Romania (NAPCRA) to facilitate the adoption of relative and non-relative Romanian children to Canada.

This program is open to residents of other provinces with the authorization of their central provincial adoption authority.


Romania program accepts heterosexual married couples interested in adopting an unrelated or related child. At least one parent must be a Romanian citizen. The Romania program is also offered to single women with Romanian citizenship. An adoption of a relative may still take place if adoptive parents do not have a Romanian citizenship.

The Children

The children available for adoption are at least three years of age, although different guidelines apply to relative adoptions. Sibling groups may also be available for adoption.

The Process

Once an application is received and the home study is approved, CHOICES will assist in completing your paperwork and preparing the dossier for Romania. For non-relative adoptions, the Romanian Office of Adoptions matches children with prospective parents. One or two trips to the country may be required.

Once placed with a child or children, the family remains in-country for a 30-day supervised placement prior to the adoption court hearing. Following the issuing of the Adoption Order, the child will receive a new passport and visa to leave the country. The total length of stay in Romania may be up to 60 consecutive days.