Featured below are profiles of some of our families waiting to adopt. We have several more families on the wait list, their profiles are available to view at our office. Please connect with a CHOICES social worker for more information.

CHOICES has a wide variety of families approved to become adoptive parents and ready to adopt. They are families looking to provide a loving home for a child and they come from a range of backgrounds and experiences. The adoptive families prepare a profile which offers a brief introduction to who they are.

CHOICES offers free birth parent counselling to expectant parents who are in need of these services. We offer non-judgmental support and information around all options open to pregnant women. Some birth parents choose to make an adoption plan for their child, while others will go on to parent. A CHOICES social worker will be pleased to answer any questions or schedule an appointment for confidential pregnancy counselling.

Our office is located in Victoria BC, and we have social workers in our office who are able to work with you and provide ongoing support throughout your pregnancy. You do not need to live in Victoria to use our services. We also have registered social workers throughout the province of British Columbia who can provide free pregnancy counselling in your community. We offer free counselling for life for birth parents who make an adoption plan.


I wish to nurture and love a child unconditionally and start
my own family.

Andrew & Paul

We hope to become a part of your network and you a part of ours.

Angie & Lee

We are very excited for the adventure of parenthood!

Alana & Stephen

We met when we were very young. Since then, we have longed to grow our family and have chosen to do so through adoption.

Ashley & Darin

We are a family of three looking forward to becoming a family of four!

Rawn & Jeff

We’re excited to welcome a child into our home that’s already full of laughter, love and adventure!

Debs & Pete

With love from our family to yours.

James & Seppe

We are looking forward to welcoming a baby into our hearts, family and home.

Tonya & Paul

Our shared wish is for our child to enjoy a happy, warm,
and love filled childhood and beyond.

Brianna & Caleb

We have always planned on adoption
being a part of our family’s story.