This program is offered in partnership with Worldview Adoption Agency.


  • Prospective adoptive parents who are not related to the potential adopted child must be 25 years of age or older.  If the child is a brother, sister, niece, or nephew of the prospective adoptive parent(s), at least one parent must be 18 years of age or older.  There are no laws establishing a required age difference between the adoptee and the prospective adoptive parent when they are related.
  • Both single individuals and married couples can adopt, though Jamaica does not recognize same-sex marriage.
  • Prospective adoptive parents expect to travel to Jamaica at least twice, once to meet with the Child Development Agency (CDA) and again to apply for a visa.

The Children

  • Only children between the ages of six weeks and 18 years old are eligible for adoption.
  • The Jamaican Adoption Board will work with prospective adoptive parents to ensure that siblings are placed together.
  • Each child must undergo a medical examination in Jamaica by a registered Jamaican medical practitioner before the Adoption Order or License can be approved.  This is separate from the medical examination the child must undergo prior to obtaining an immigrant visa.
  • Waiting Period or Foster Care:  None.

The Process

Please contact a CHOICES Social Worker for details.