Exploring your options

We can help you become well informed about all of the support and education options available to you. We are here to support you in making the best decision for you and your child.

Pregnant women and their partners, and birth parents pay no fees for counselling directly related to the pregnancy - even when they decide not to place their child for adoption.

We will help you explore a range of options, including:

    CHOICES social workers can provide you with information on abortion and support you with referrals to additional resources if you feel this is the right choice for you. Your social worker will help you identify the pros and cons of this decision, and to identify possible sources of support in your circle or community.    Abortion is an option that requires medical support and advice. It is a good idea to consult with a physician who supports abortion about this procedure. If you don’t have access to these options CHOICES can help you find services available within your community.
    You can choose to make an adoption plan for your child once you have reviewed all of your options and received counselling. There are many different types of adoption such as placing your child with a relative, someone you know or placing your child with a family approved through an adoption agency. Your social worker can help you explore all of your options. You’ll learn about the process, the decisions involved, what openness is, and other factors to consider when making an adoption plan.
    Before making the choice to become a parent, it is important to consider how raising a child will affect all aspects of your life. There are lots of questions involved in deciding whether or not parenting is the right choice for you. Your social worker can help you work through whether this is the right option for you.
    If you cannot decide which option is right for you, we can explore the possibility of someone else caring for the child either permanently or on a temporary basis until you are ready to make a decision.

CHOICES is not affiliated with any religious group. Our pregnancy counselling services are free of charge, regardless of whether or not you choose to make an adoption plan.

You do not have to come to our office to access our services. We can meet you in your home or community, anywhere in British Columbia, and you can contact us 7 days a week.

You can contact CHOICES birth parent social worker for confidential counselling by emailing choices@choicesadoption.ca, calling toll free 1-888-479-9811 or texting 250-213-7718.