Domestic Adoption

We work throughout British Columbia with expectant parents who are pregnant and exploring their options. If they decide that adoption is the best option for them, we will provide information and facilitate the adoption.

Since the birth family chooses the adoptive parents for their child, there is no certainty that prospective adoptive parents may be able to adopt a child locally or what the wait time might be.

Once Adoptive Parents are registered for a domestic adoption, their home-study and profile will be shown to the expectant parents when it meets the criteria they have requested. When a family is chosen to adopt, CHOICES supports and guides the adoptive and expectant parents through the placement and post-placement process. The majority of domestic placements are newborn babies.

Please contact CHOICES if you have a home study from another agency and would like to register on our domestic list.

We encourage you to look at all your options, including adopting a waiting child that is in care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development:

Adoptive families also have the option of registering with an international program, with the Ministry or on another agency’s domestic registry, while remaining with the CHOICES domestic program.