Domestic adoption


A Domestic Adoption is when a birth parent places a child with an approved family they have chosen from waiting families who are prepared, approved and registered with an agency.

We provide step-by-step support for birth parents along the way.

    You will provide the social worker with some information about you and your background, such as medical information, and social information including hobbies and interests. This information will be shared with the adoptive family that you choose.
    You will have the opportunity to choose an adoptive family. We will ask you to identify the kinds of things that are important to you in raising a child, including ethnic and cultural background, age, hobbies, etc. and show you profiles of waiting families who have been approved to adopt. If you prefer not to exercise your right to choose a family, CHOICES will find a family to fit the criteria that you provide.
    Once an adoptive family is chosen, you may decide to meet in person or over the phone. A social worker will be involved to offer you support.
    At this stage, an openness agreement may be discussed. This arrangement will provide you with the opportunity to follow your child’s growth and development over time. You may, for example, receive pictures and/or letters from the adoptive family and have scheduled visits or email contact with them. This agreement, between you and the adoptive parents, can be renegotiated over time.
    If you or your child have Indigenous ancestry, we will work to ensure that your child’s cultural heritage is respected and maintained. If you are registered with a First Nation, we can work together on an adoption plan so that your child has access to the legal and cultural benefits to which they are entitled. If you are not registered and would like your child to be linked to an Indigenous community, we can help by contacting a representative.
    A majority of placements occur at the hospital within a few days of birth. We will only proceed with the placement once you are ready to do so. You will continue to receive support from your social worker before, during and after placement and for as long as you need.

CHOICES is not affiliated with any religious group. Our pregnancy counselling services are free of charge, regardless of whether or not you choose to make an adoption plan.

You do not have to come to our office to access our services. We can meet you in your home or community, anywhere in British Columbia, and you can contact us 7 days a week.

You can contact CHOICES birth parent social worker for confidential counselling by emailing, calling toll free 1-888-479-9811 or texting 250-213-7718.