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Couples must have been married for at least 4 years. There must be at least a 30 year age difference between the parent and the child they would like to adopt. Single women may adopt from Nepal, but must be between the ages of 35-55 and must provide proof of status if divorced. Same sex couples are not eligible to adopt from Nepal. If the family has a biological or adopted child at home, they can only adopt a child younger than their youngest child, and they can only apply to adopt a child of the opposite sex. Parents who already have a son and a daughter cannot apply to adopt from Nepal.

The Children

There are thousands of children available for adoption in Nepal. Boys and girls of all ages are available for adoption. There are no special adoption programs for children with disabilities in Nepal, but there are some available children with special needs. The child proposal information comes with a very brief medical history and basic current information on the child's overall health.


The Timeframe is unknown at this time.