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Domestic Adoption » Domestic Infant and Direct Placement Adoption


Image of BabyWe work throughout British Columbia with expectant parents who are pregnant and exploring their options. If they decide that adoption is the best option for them, we will provide information and facilitate the adoption. Since the birth family chooses the adoptive parents for their child, there is no certainty that prospective adoptive parents may be able to adopt a child locally or what the wait time might be.

Once Adoptive Parents are registered for a domestic adoption, their home-study and profile will be shown to the expectant parents when it meets the criteria they have requested. When a family is chosen to adopt, CHOICES supports and guides the adoptive and expectant parents through the placement and post-placement process. The majority of domestic placements are newborn babies.

Please contact CHOICES if you have a home study from another agency and would like to register on our domestic list.

We encourage you to look at all your options, including adopting a waiting child that is in care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development:

Adoptive families also have the option of registering with an international program, with the Ministry or on another agencys domestic registry, while remaining with the CHOICES domestic program.

Domestic Adoption Process

CHOICES provides support for expectant and adoptive parents throughout the domestic process. The process is highly unpredictable: it may be very quick for some, while it may take more time for others.

Once the home study is completed, we will assist applicants in completing their profile for expectant parents to view. This profile includes a home study, a letter and photos.

During counseling, expectant parents provide a list of criteria that describes the adoptive family with whom they wish to place their baby. CHOICES social worker will provide several profiles for the expectant family to read. Once they have reviewed the profiles, they make the decision as to which profile represents the adoptive parents that will be the best match for them, and they will advise their social worker how they wish to proceed. Some expectant parents may wish to meet the adoptive parents prior to the birth of the baby or they may choose not to. If so, CHOICES will advise the adoptive family and arrange a meeting. Travel may be involved for the adoptive family as the expectant parent(s) could be anywhere in British Columbia. Prior to the meeting, the adoptive family will receive and review the medical and social history that the expectant parents have completed.


The majority of domestic placements we facilitate involve some level of ongoing contact between the adoptive family and the birth family. Openness often changes and evolves over time. Because of the varying levels of contact that we witness in domestic adoption, CHOICES requires that families be comfortable with maintaining a relationship with the birth family over the years whatever form that may take. Openness will be discussed more in our education seminars and during the home study process.

Please call the office for more information on the domestic adoption process.

Direct Placement Adoptions

These adoptions occur when the expecting parents and the prospective adoptive family know each other. CHOICES proceeds with these adoptions in the same manner and process as a domestic adoption: the expectant parents will receive the same counseling and support as they would if they were placing their child with a family they do not know. Please have the expectant parents contact the agency as soon as possible so we can notify them of their rights and support them through the adoption process.