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CHOICES Adoption & Counselling Services is a nonprofit, non-sectarian licensed adoption agency. We offer a range of services to birth parents and adoptive parents throughout British Columbia. We have been involved in adoptions and family counselling since 1989.

CHOICES is committed to providing a comprehensive, client centered adoption service which best meets the needs of everyone in the adoption constellation with paramount consideration given to the best interests of the child.

Whether you wish to adopt a child born in British Columbia or a child from another country, our experienced professionals will help you through the process. We also assist adoptive families from several provinces with inter-country adoptions.

Our Philosophy

We recognize the worth of every individual, regardless of race, religion or culture.

We believe that all individuals have a right to receive help in time of need.

We believe that all individuals have a right to information about their families of origin.

We believe in openness in adoption.

We believe that prospective parents who are planning for their expected child deserve and require caring support whether they choose life with their children, placement with a relative or with an adoptive family.

We believe that there are a range of options for birth parents in the adoption process.

We recognize that all members of the adoption circle face losses and deserve caring and understanding support throughout their life time when and if required.

We believe that prospective adoptive parents deserve an opportunity to explore who they are as individuals in the context of their life experiences, their family and relationship(s) and what it means to become a parent by adoption.

We also believe that birth families should be given the same opportunity when considering parenthood or alternative planning for their child.

We believe that the cost of services provided to birth parents, considering a range of options, and to others within the adoption circle should not be born completely at the expense of adoptive parents.