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About Us » Thoughtful Legacies for Children and Youth

What's important to you and your family? If security, permanence, love and safety for children and youth come to mind, then strategic planning for your philanthropy can make a difference. It makes good sense to give wisely and to maximize your tax benefits. Canada has some very generous rules and tax laws when it comes to charitable giving both during life and through your estate, but they can be complicated.

You can include the security of a loving permanent home and family for children and youth as part of your personal financial strategy. Thoughtful generosity can transform a child or a youth's life; it can change the world.

You may also be asking what donations have to do with your wedding, birthdays, mother or father's day, anniversaries, family celebrations and other events! What can you do different at these events to help children that need families? Well, it's easy! You can help create a child's future through an adoptive family! You can change a child's life! Ideas include:

We welcome your donations to enable the continuing work of CHOICES Adoption & Counselling Agency. Donations are tax-deductible in Canada. If you are considering a gift from your life savings and investments, we want you to have the peace of mind that your decisions are well informed. When you give to CHOICES, we want you to know that you have made a difference and that we are accountable to you.

You can donate to CHOICES Adoption & Counselling Agency by the following methods:

  1. On-Line

    You can donate on-line by clicking:
    Donate Now Through!

  2. By Mail

    Please make your cheque or money order payable to "CHOICES" and mail to:

    CHOICES Adoption & Counselling
    100-850 Blanshard Street
    Victoria, BC, Canada
    V8W 2H2

  3. Sustaining Donor Program

    Sustaining Donors make monthly contributions to CHOICES through a pre-authorised withdrawal, arranged with the donor's bank. All information remains confidential.

    Sustaining Donors provide a steady income toward the work of CHOICES, which greatly benefits the long-term planning and commitments of CHOICES regarding projects and orphanage work. Sustaining Donors receive our quarterly newsletters and our Annual Report.

    To join the Sustaining Donor Program, call us at 1-888-479-9811.

  4. Planned Giving is one of the most powerful philanthropic tools available to you today. It's also one of the most popular. The benefits are immediate and far-reaching.

    Planned giving is, in essence, deciding in advance what happens to your estate. It puts you in control. Whether its cash, securities, life insurance, real estate or gifts in kind, a well-planned gift ensures your legacy makes a statement about the things that are important to you. Through CHOICES Planned Giving Program, you can fund long-term programs that benefit children, youth and their families. We invite you to ensure the best possible future for children by considering a planned gift to CHOICES. A planned gift to CHOICES is, of course, a tremendous benefit to the waiting children, the families and the agency.


    There are as many reasons to give as there are givers. But whether your reasons are altruistic or simply tax-related, the benefits of planned giving are powerful ones.

    • Satisfaction - Knowing that you are giving back to a program or cause that holds special significance for you.
    • Control - Reducing the risk that your wishes will be hindered by circumstances beyond your control.
    • Peace of mind - Ensuring that family and financial matters are resolved privately.
    • Convenience - Putting your investment in the hands of others, so you don't have to worry about ongoing decisions.
    • Security - Finalizing your charitable choices now instead of later - or never. Too many people postpone or never realize theirs.
    • Financial - Lowering your current taxes and/or lowering the taxes your estate will be required to pay.

Ways of giving

Everyone benefits from the power of a planned gift - you, your family and your cause. Of course, we want to ensure that each of these groups receives the maximum benefit possible, which is why CHOICES offers a wide range of planned giving arrangements. Which way of giving best suits your goals?

Gifts of Shares from Private Companies

Today, many people hold much of their wealth in shares of private companies. If you are in such a position and want to make a significant donation to CHOICES, it could be more advantageous to donate shares or property through your company. If you wish to donate stocks or shares, please contact our advisor:

Jennifer Gunning
Associate Investment Advisor and Financial Planner
Tel: (250) 356-4972

What you need to know


Bequests are tax creditable and are not subject to estate taxes or succession duties except in the province of Quebec. Revenue Canada regards such gifts by will as having been made in the taxation year of the person's death. The taxable income of your estate can therefore be reduced by the amount of your bequest to the extent of the maximum allowable deduction for the current year.


All bequests should be given free from restrictions based on national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

How Funds are Handled

Endowment and bequest funds held by CHOICES are pooled for investment purposes. All pooled funds share in both capital growth and annual income from earned interest.

Making a planned gift to CHOICES is easier than you think. For more information on planning a gift to CHOICES please contact Holly Allen,, 888-479-9811.