Why an Adoption Education Program (AEP)?

  • The successful completion of an adoption education program is part of the home study process and thus required before a family can become an approved adoptive applicant in BC.
  • Research indicates that informed, prepared parents who know what to expect as a family built through adoption and with proper social and professional support have more successful adoptive placements.
  • CHOICES’ in-person sessions will raise your awareness about adoption while at the same time connecting you with other adoptive parents.


- CHOICES 4-day (24 hours) AEP is offered both on Vancouver Island and on the mainland of BC three times per year to ensure that a family going through the adoption process can complete both the education and home study components at the same time.


- AEP Online Course: For those unable to attend in person in either Vancouver or Victoria, registering for the online AEP offered through Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC) is an option. Please speak with a CHOICES Social Worker about the AEP online format. For more information, see AFABC website.


The AEP sessions cover the core issues in adoption and include:

  • The differences and similarities between biological and adoptive parenting
  • Trauma and attachment
  • Separation, loss and grief
  • Adoption across the lifespan
  • The effects of prenatal alcohol and drug exposure
  • Cross cultural, intercountry and transracial adoption
  • Openness in Adoption
  • Resilience
  • Transitioning


I attended the AEP in 2012 prior to starting the process of bringing my daughter home from the DR Congo and it was such a valuable process. I was able to challenge my thinking, discuss topics with other participants, listen to the stories of adoptees and families who had adopted, learn about all the different special needs that so many adopted children have, and have time to reflect and ask questions.”


The most valuable aspect of the live sessions for us was meeting other prospective adoptive parents, as well as the CHOICES facilitators, and families who had previously adopted…It was nice to meet the facilitators in person as it gave faces to go with some of the names at CHOICES.  In fact the facilitator we met at our AEP in Victoria was the person who called us with the proposal for our son later in the year.”

Ashley and Kerry

My husband and I attended the Adoption Education Program through CHOICES Adoption in February/March 2014 and continue to attend as guest speakers.  We feel that the in person AEP is extremely valuable… the instructors are very knowledgeable and are able to explain and sometimes re-explain all the new information.”

Stephanie and Serge